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News Headlines

News Headlines
New High CV Indonesian coal shipment arrived at Mundra Port. The coal with High CV, Low Sulfur, Low Dust, Full of coal pieces, The coal with normal moisture, shining and black texture. Quantity as per your requirement. Delivery as per your schedule.

  • Mundra Port
  • Shipment: MV New Orleans
  • 6200 CV (5150 GAR) @ 5600 pmt + Taxes (Guj. VAT Billing)
  • Morvi Screening Plant
  • Size 6-20mm
  • 6000 CV (5000 GAR) @ 5300 pmt + Taxes (Guj. VAT Billing)

If you want to purchase in CST billing, you should have to pay @ 100 pmt additional.

News Headlines

News Headlines
USA Coal Grade A now available at following prices :
  • Retail Price
  • Shipment Name: MV An angel Aspiration
  • Rs. 7000 pmt + Taxes Ex-Tuna Port
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